Engineering Geology - Hydrogeology - Environmental Services

We provide geotechnical, hydrogeology and environmental consulting services to public and private sector clients in southern California. Our clients include civil engineers, architects, cities, counties, businesses, land owners/developers, homeowner associations, and individuals. We have 24 years experience in southern California in all aspects of the applied earth sciences. Principal-level expertise and management is provided on each project for each client.

We help our clients make informed business decisions regarding complex groundwater, geology, and soil related issues. Our recommendations are business focused. Our solutions are simple and cost effective. We offer the following services.

Environmental Services

Geotechnical Services

Hydrogeology Services

Phase I ESA

Phase II ESA

Environmental Due Diligence

Soil Vapor Survey

Vapor Intrusion Assessment

Landfill Gas Sampling

Remediation Oversight

Contaminated Sediment Asses.

Supplemental Site Investigation

Feasibility Studies

Pilot Testing

Methane Gas Monitoring

Vadose Zone Modeling

Human Health Assessment Environmental Risk Assessment

Regulatory Compliance Services

Acquisition of Permits

Environmental Compliance Environmental Auditing

Environmental Permitting

Hazardous Materials Inventory

Storm Water Monitoring

Geologic Escrow Reports

Geotechnical Due Diligence

Geologic Hazard Review

Geologic Mapping

Landslide Investigation

Slope Stability

Fault Studies

Probabilistic Seismic Hazards

Deterministic Seismic Hazards

Ground Motion Estimates

Secondary Seismic Hazards


Seismic Slope Instability

Lateral Spreading

Dynamic Differential Settlement

Seiche and Tsunami Hazards Rock Sampling

Rock Strength

Rock Rippability Studies

Kinematic Failure Analysis

Bank Protection Studies

Erodibility Index Analysis

Soils Investigation

Soil Sampling

Soft or Compressible Soils

Collapsible or Expansive Soils

Slope and Excavation Stability

Geological Input for EIR/EIS

Support for Construction Permits

Subsurface Exploration

Design Parameters

Soil and Rock Testing 

Remedial Earthwork Designs

Calculation of Earthwork Volume

Interface with Review Agencies

Construction Observation

Construction Instrumentation

Review of Blasting Plans

Blast Vibration Analysis

Construction Vibration Analysis 

Regulatory Compliance

Urban Water Manag. Plan

SB 610 Water Supply Assess.

AB 3030 Basin Manag. Plan

Municipal Well Design

Well Drilling Supervision

Well and Well Field Design

Geophysical Log Analysis

Groundwater Basin Analysis

Groundwater Studies

Groundwater Well Construction Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater Sampling

Analytical Testing of Water

Aquifer Pumping Tests

Analysis of Pumping Tests

Dewatering Investigations

Aquifer Characterization

Aquifer Hydraulic Parameters

Aquifer Anisotropy

Sustainable Yield

Hydraulic Conductivity

Boundary Effects

Aquifer Storage

River Surface Flow

River Underflow

Groundwater Withdrawal Effects

Construction Groundwater

Riverside Construction Permits

On-Site Sewage Disposal

Percolation Studies 

We are a California Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE)